May I visit your office?
In case you are able to visit us, we will gladly welcome you to our office; you just have to book a day and hour so we can ensure the availability to greet you in the best way possible. If you cannot come to our office, we may keep in touch by phone, email or Skype.

How to place an order?
Our products may be ordered in our online shop, via email or by visiting our office.


How much is it to create a bespoken graphic design?
The creation of a bespoken graphic design (the design of an invitation and other products) has an associated cost of 35 €.


How does the refund of the bespoken graphic design works?
The 35 € associated to the creation of the bespoke service are deducted from the total balance of the order.

There is no refund in case the client quits the already accepted order or if a proof has already been sent.


What if I don’t like the result?
If it is a new graphic design, the proposition may be reviewed twice, maximum.


Can I adapt existing invitations?
Our main purpose it to create an exclusive graphic design for each client. If you already have an idea, share it with us

But if you like an existing invitation, we can adapt it, by altering the colours and the wording.

How much would it be to add a roadmap to the invitation?
To design a roadmap for the invitation has a cost of 15€, when the file you might send us has no printing quality or if there may be the need for us to draw it in order to adapt map to your graphic design.


Can I have a physical proof of the invitation?
In case you’re not able to come to our office to see a physical proof of the invitation, it will be sent to you to the address of your choice, with no added cost.

A digital proof of the invitation will also be sent by email for your checking / approval before printing.

Regarding the articles of the online shop there is no sending of physical proofs, only of a digital proof if the client asks for it.


When is an order considered awarded?
An order is considered awarded only from the moment when the client makes the payment of the bespoke service of graphic design and the digital proof is signed.


How long does it take to create a graphic design?
The presentation of a proposal is possible in 8 working days counting from the date we receive the necessary elements to design it.

If it is the changing of an existing model, it takes 3 working days, maximum.

How long does it take for an order to be complete?
Regarding the items in our online shop, each one has its own delivery term in its specifications.

Because they need the client’s approval, the articles from bespoken graphic designs will be delivered/sent in 10 working days minimum after approval, but the date will be convened with the client, at the moment of its approval.
If it is urgent, please contact us.


What’s the procedure to pay?
Items from the online shop are paid at the buying moment.

Regarding the other articles, payment is done as follows:
At the awarding moment – the amount of the bespoke service of graphic design
At the approval – 50% of the order balance

At delivery/expedition – the remaining 50% of the balance (with refund of the bespoke service amount, if it is the case)


Payment means
In the online shop:
Bank transfer

For orders to be delivered at our office: debit card, cheque, cash.

How much is it for the delivery costs?
Items from our online shop already include the delivery costs.